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Screen cloth wear life improvements -Base Metals Mine 
A major Australian base metals producer was having problems with the wear life of their fine aperture wire screens cloths.  Daily replacement was quite normal.

2mm x 10mm mesh

The fine 1.6 wire mesh would usually flog-out over the stringer bars long before the mesh actually wore out. Several  options were tested including polyurethane reinforcing the fine mesh in the area where the mesh rests on the stringers.
The greatest improvements were gained with Screentek poly reinforced Split Vibrascreen.


There are a number of reasons why our Split Poly Vibrascreens lasted so much longer than the fine wire mesh.
  • Some of those reasons are: -
     The wires are laid flat when manufactured therefore the surface of the screen cloth is much flatter than the woven wire. So the product passing down the screen is not constantly wearing on the crimps of the wires that sit proud on woven wire.
  •  Mesh screens are made using crimped wires that are woven and interlocked together. As the screen vibrates the wires rub where they meet at the crimps and eventually wear. As the wire wear the weave becomes loose and the wires rub even more, creating further wear.
  • With woven wire mesh and, the smaller the aperture the smaller the wire diameter used to form that aperture. Due to the construction of the Split Vibrascreen the ratio of wire does not apply. The woven mesh in this specific application used 1.6 wire to form the 2.5 mm slotted aperture. With our Split Vibrascreen we were able to increase the wire to 3.15mm.
Wear life improved from just days to around 8 weeks
Estimated savings with Screentek Split Vibrascreen
Mesh screens - 70 changeout PA x 2 cloths per deck @ $490.00 ea . = $68,600 P.A
4 screens in operation - total cost for 2.5mm aperture screens over one year = $274,400.00
Split Vibrascreens - 6.25 changeout PA x 2 cloths per deck  = $10,800.00 P.A
4 screens in operation - total cost for the 2.5mm split Vibrascreens over one year = $43,200.00
Screentek Poly Vibrascreens wil save the mine $231,200.00 this year, $231,200.00 next year & $231,200.00 for every other year the screen decks are in service.
High wear of finer aperture wire screens handling high tonnages or comparatively large material can now be solved using the Split Poly Vibrascreen.
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