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Screentek's broad range of polyurethane screens include modular polyurethane screening panels, cross tensioned polyurethane screen clothss, trommel panels and many other polyurethane screening products, with applications in mining, sand & gravel and in aggregate-ore processing.

All Screentek open cast and injection moulded screens are made from the highest grade polymers. Some benefits of Screentek poly screens are:-
 Cut-and-tear resistant: far superior to rubber and steel, it is excellent for sliding, impact and impingement abrasion 

 Tough but resilient: it absorbs the impact energy of large falling rocks - its resilience acts like a cushion to protect lined parts from breaking apart or being damaged on impact 
Low coefficient of friction: when compared to rubber - extremely slick when wet 
Temperature range: excellent from -40C to +70C (peaks up to +90C) 
Noise abatement: excellent to suppress sound 

Screening performances: comparable to steel wire meshes - no clogging, no hole-blinding, no reduction of produced quantities, excellent aggregate/ore cleaning
Easy installation: by tensioning or with modular system.
Special custom designed screens such as Derrick screen cloths and composite poly wire modular panels also available. 
                        polyurethane trommel panel 

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